Ace2Three Introduces New Features

Ace2Three, one of the best online rummy rooms, has introduced some new features to enhance the players gaming experience. We have covered each of them here in our blog.

Profile Editing:

Edit your profile directly from your Ace2Three account without having to contact customer support.  Just click on the “Edit Profile” tab in the account login to update your details.  Regular players will be able edit their profile details where as the premium players will be able to update only selected fields.  In addition to this, there is an option to update up to 3 bank accounts of choice for a seamless redemption experience.

Theme Change:

Play on your favourite themed table. Choose from the refreshing “Modern” theme with contemporary graphics and rejuvenating playing experience or on much admired “Classic” theme with suave feeling.

Melding Groups:

Meld cards within a group in one click. After placing show when grouping cards, there is an option to meld groups using “Meld Group” button.  Meld either using “Meld Group” to meld his cards or select a card from any group to disable “Meld Group” to group cards from different groups.

Card Grouping:

Now there is an option to group cards in maximum 6 groups. Cards are grouped according to their suite but with an additional flexibility of creating more groups. Select at least two cards to enable grouping.

Redemption of Ace Points:

Now you can redeem Ace points through loyalty point’s redemption feature.  Claim bonus real chips by redeeming ace points every time a successful deposit is made. Point redemption feature will be available throughout the year. Platinum and platinum+ players will have these chips directly added to their account to be used right away for playing real money games. Regular players will have these chips released as per the wagering.

Table Configuration Options:

Choose and configure the table as per your requirement to have more fun and flexibility. Now there is an option to enable or disable card grouping on the table itself. When “Grouping” option is enabled, there will be an option to group two or more cards together along with “Group Meld”. It allows melding a group of cards in a single click. In a more simplified format, there is an option to move cards between groups once a show is placed.

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