Least Preferred Online Rummy Site in India? Why?


Dear Members,

I am starting this thread to help the rummy site operators get true feedback from people who should matter the most to them – YOU. The intention is to up the ante for the rummy site operators to make their product, gaming experience and customer service meet your expectations.

Like we expect the rummy site operators to be responsible, it is also our duty to be objective and responsible. Hence I request you to provide feedback which will genuinely help the rummy site operators to make themselves better and ultimately help you.

Lastly, please do not use this forum to wash dirty linen in public. If there has been any pressing unresolved issue with any of the rummy sites, please feel free to send me a “private message”. While I cannot guarantee a resolution (as I have no authority on any of these sites), I can assure you that your grievance will be passed on to a senior manager within the respective rummy site (assuming it is a site where I know someone!).

P.S. Note that it is important for you to not just mention you’re least preferred rummy site, but also why you made this choice.